I came away a week and a half ago feeling an overwhelming sense of overwhelm: my multi-faceted, ever so fulfilling life pulling me in different directions. Plus I now had this impulse to Ship Something immediately. Instead, Im learning flexibility. Well laid out plans dont pan out in my life, because an audition will come up and tasks that were meant for today get moved to tomorrow.  I was lucky enough to meet Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing  at Seth Godins Ruckusmaker Seminar.  He generously gave me a copy of his newly printed Daily Planner.  Its helped me tackle the day to day planning even if my tasks get moved due to unexpected auditions.

Meditating has helped me tackle the expectation that I must do it all now. Ive learned that the goal is to Ship It, but not at the cost of my health and sanity.

Speaking of opportunities flying in from nowhere.  

Ill be doing some Stand-Up this week. An opportunity came from nowhere to be a part of a Variety show where performers showcase something they have never done before. Ill be doing a yet unwritten, unrehearsed, unperformed Stand-Up piece this weekend.

I was invited to perform by an old friend who thinks Im very talented (coughs).  The debilitating fear of doing something new without rehearsing the hell out of it almost made me say no. Until I read the producers post on why she started First Time Out: https://medium.com/@mollysonsteng/music-school-killed-my-dreams-7e8c2751e753.

If you are in and around Brooklyn, come check me fall flat on my face or fly.  Tickets can be purchased here.

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